IPO Of 6-Year-Old “Future Food” Startup

BASE FOOD, Inc., a Japan-based food-tech company, went public on 15th November 2022 after six years since it was established, and is now listed on the Tokyo Stock


The company was founded by Shun Hashimoto, a former IT worker without any background in bread making and food industry. He came up with the idea of staple food containing every necessary nutrition when he did not have time to access a healthy diet due to busy working days. He tried his idea by starting to make noodles at home combining tens of natural ingredients to achieve a perfect balance of nutrition.
The concept of “a complete nutritional diet” has been accepted by more and more people in Japan, and BASE FOOD Inc. has sold more than 50 million bags of BASE FOOD products and acquired over 140,000 monthly active subscribers as of October 2022.

The products have the potential of addressing both hunger and food satiation, as a result of which is especially lifestyle diseases.