Origin of BASE FOOD



A few years ago, I was working at an IT company in Shibuya. I was completely absorbed in my work from morning till night, and my dinner choices were mostly the same. Quick options like curry, ramen, or convenience store meals. There were also days filled with social events and business dinners.

As I continued with this lifestyle, I started noticing that my health check-up results were gradually worsening. While my current health condition wasn't critical, I began to worry if it was okay to keep living this way in the long run. I understood the importance of a well-balanced diet, but I didn't have the time or resources to cook for myself after work. Moreover, I had no idea how much of each food group I should be consuming. 
Balancing work and nutrition seemed incredibly challenging..


Can't we achieve good health with just staple foods?


That's what I thought. Is it really necessary for a "healthy diet" to be so complicated for everyone?

One day, it occurred to me that if the staple food we eat every day had a good nutritional balance, wouldn't that make it easy for anyone to have a well-balanced meal? It should be something that we can enjoy without getting bored, and it should go well with any side dishes. A delicious meal that can make us healthy.

But why doesn't it exist yet? Above all, it's something I desire! So I decided to start by experimenting with the type of noodles I personally enjoyed.


The Completion of the "New Staple Food"


The process of noodle-making was a series of failures. I went through over 100 prototypes. The ingredients for the memorable first prototype included dried fish, cocoa, and molokhia... As you can imagine, it didn't taste edible at all. Among the numerous prototypes, some couldn't hold their shape, some turned into a strange green color, and some even melted when boiled.
I delved into books about nutrition and food processing, sometimes receiving support and occasionally annoying people (or so it seemed), as I continued to iterate and improve the noodles. Before I knew it, I had become so engrossed in the development that I decided to resign from the IT company I was working for. Over a year had passed since the conception, and the first product of BASE FOOD, "BASE PASTA," was finally completed. It contains around 30 different nutrients and provides a balanced intake of all the necessary nutrients in a single meal.


Our aim is "Nutritional Infrastructure."


The mission of BASE FOOD is to innovate staple foods and make health a natural part of everyday life. Staple foods have been the center of our meals for over 5,000 years, yet their nutritional value has remained largely unchanged. However, we believe that there is great potential for new possibilities.

Our goal is to create a "Nutritional Infrastructure." Just like water, electricity, and gas, we want to build a society where "nutritional balance" easily reaches everyone.

By simply eating our pasta, bread, or ramen as usual, our bodies naturally become nourished without even realizing it. This allows us to enjoy our favorite foods and eat in a way that reflects our individuality.

"Health," which serves as the foundation for enjoying life, should be accessible to everyone. That's the future that BASE FOOD envisions.