BASE FOOD will launch "BASE Pancake Mix

BASE FOOD will launch "BASE Pancake Mix", which provides all 33 essential nutrients on June 6th, 2024. The product will be available on the BASE FOOD official online shop (

BASE Pancake Mix, a pancake mix with 33 nutrients, was created as a fun and delicious product for the whole family to enjoy making pancakes together, including pancake lovers and families raising children who are busy but still want to pay attention to their nutrition.

BASE Pancake Mix has a gentle sweetness with no bitterness or peculiarities. It can be enjoyed on its own without syrup, but it can also be prepared in various ways, from desserts to meals, so it can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

In a preliminary sensory evaluation (taste evaluation by external monitors), we received the highest rating among the BASE FOOD series.

3 features of "BASEPancake Mix"

1. 33 essential nutrients in 1 meal
BASE Pancake Mix provides 33 essential nutrients. It contains 27.9g of protein and 10.5g of dietary fiber *1 (both after cooking) in one serving and contains 26 vitamins and minerals. Compared to ordinary pancake premixes, it contains approximately 30% less sugar*2 (after cooking).

2. Ingredients designed to make eating enjoyable, tasty, and safe for both adults and children
Of course, we are committed to using high-quality ingredients to ensure that pancake lovers and families alike can enjoy delicious and safe pancakes. We use over 10 carefully selected, mostly natural ingredients, including whole wheat flour, soybeans, and rice bran. By adjusting the balance of soy or wheat, we achieve a fluffy texture that is characteristic of pancakes. The use of whole wheat flour makes the batter less likely to lump, making it easy for children to make.

3. Easy to arrange and broaden the range of recipes!
BASE Pancake Mix features a gentle sweetness without bitterness or strong flavors, making it highly versatile for various adaptations. You can enjoy a wide range of recipes, from desserts like donuts, mug cakes, and waffles to savory dishes.

Product Details

Product Name: BASE Pancake Mix


  • Pancake Mix that provides 33 essential nutrients
  • A blend of nutrient-rich ingredients such as whole wheat flour and soybeans.
  • Contains 27.9g protein and 10.5g dietary fiber*1 (both after cooking), and 26 vitamins and minerals.
  • Approximately 30% less sugar*2 (after cooking)
  • Aluminum-free design, containing no aluminum or aluminum compounds.

Ingredients:Whole wheat flour, sugar (beet sugar from Hokkaido), soy flour, wheat protein, rice bran powder, powdered fat, glucose, wheat starch, salt, milk calcium, kelp powder, leavening agent, seasonings (organic acids, etc.), flavoring

Net Weight : 120g / bag

Price: $8 per bag (20% off on the first subscription, 10% off from the second subscription onwards)

Shelf Life: Minimum 1.5 months from delivery 

Launch Date: June 6, 2024

A comparison between the nutrients in BASE Pancake Mix and the recommended nutrient intake per meal

※Estimated Values. ※Comparison of the nutrients in 1 bag of BASE Pancake Mix, 1 medium-sized egg, and 100ml of whole milk (unadjusted) with the ⅓ of Nutrient Reference Values per day.


About BASE FOOD, Inc.

Our company, established in 2016, is a food tech enterprise with the mission of "Reinvent staple foods to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle accessible to all." We propose a new staple food that fulfills the criteria of being easy, delicious, and good for the body. We aim to create a society where everyone can enjoy their meals while naturally maintaining their health. We started our business in Singapore in January 2024.

*1 1 bag of BASE Pancake Mix, 1 medium-sized egg, and 100ml of whole milk (unadjusted). *2 Compared to thick pancake in the same quantity as defined in the Standards Tables of Food Composition in Japan - 2020 (Eighth Revised Edition).